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Fire Cleanup - Glendale, NY

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Best Fire Cleanup in Glendale, NY

If you've unfortunately been a victim of a fire, then the aftercare is a key and important part to moving forward. With Awk Construction Inc. you can get the best fire cleanup in Glendale, NY and the surrounding areas.

With soot and residue, it's important to remove it all to ensure you can move on without worry or concern, and our team will ensure every inch of it is gone. We'll fully inspect every area of the property to ensure there is no hidden damage that could be dangerous for you in the future. At Awk Construction Inc. providing the best fire cleanup in Glendale, NY is our top priority.

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Our Services Include:

  • Fire Restoration
  • Floor Installation
  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Fire Cleanup

Why Choose Us?

Our team at Awk Construction Inc. brings over 50 combined years of experience to the table and a passion and dedication to the highest quality work possible. With excellent service and fair prices, the value you get for the best fire cleanup in Glendale, NY and the surrounding areas can't be beaten.

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